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Firstly, thank you for stopping by!

Secondly, give your pet a big squeeze from us here at Bob's Boutique!

I'd like to introduce myself, my pets and my business....

My names Bethan, I live in a wonderful part of Devon. Right near Dartmoor - amongst the fields and trees in a beautiful converted barn. I live here with my boyfriend and our 2 spoilt dogs!

Trevor and Bumble

Trevor is a Staffordshire bull terrier cross Collie.

Bumble is a Sprollie. Springer spaniel cross Collie.

They have lots of adventures and get up to all sorts of mischief. They have many doggy friends that come round and enjoy their adventures too!

Bob's Boutique

I trained as a costume designer and maker at university and went to London for a short time. Being in London made me realise how much I loved Devon and so decided to stay here and follow a different career path. I enjoy making and wanted to do something with all the fabric that would usually be heading to the bin, I love my dogs and dogs everywhere!

So I combined my loves and came up with Pet Fashion.....

I named the business after my late father - He passed last year on the launch date. He would want me to follow my passions and enjoy life to the fullest!

I can pass that joy on to you and your pet by his name on the business!

I will update on the many adventures of my dogs! If your pets have adventures too, contact me and I'll share your adventures too....

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