• Bethan

6 weeks


Thought id write a little update 6 weeks in.....

It's slow but steady. Ive recently ordered some compliment slips which look really impressive. Im excited to start sending them out with the orders.

Im trying to find local markets to attend - especially for Christmas time. I think this would be good for me to get my products out there for people to see.

Ive also recently added a feedback page to my website - People are coming to my website however people are not buying anything. I would like to know what I can do to improve the products or the website so people actually want to buy the things I am selling.

I have ordered some halloween fabrics for halloween bows and bandanas - and some summer type fabrics. I love the summer so want to keep the summer going for as long as possible....

Im also thinking of new deals I can make up to try and get products sold.

If you have any ideas - please go to the feedback page and send me a form!

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