Hiya,  Im Bethan.

I live in the Devon countryside with my boyfriend and Trevor and Bumble - Who you've probably met. 

The guy in the photo with me is the inspiration of this business - My dad, Bob who unfortunately died in 2019. He would want me to do something that I enjoy and would make me happy - and so I thought I would combine the 3 loves of my life. Designing, sewing and animals. 

Welcome to Bob's Boutique Store!

I have a few hobbies - I love cooking and trying new foods, designing and sewing all sorts of things, watching many different genre of films and socialising with my friends and family.

A perfect weekend for me would include some very tasty food, some good wine and friends. With a dog walk and an exciting film thrown in there.

I am also a trained costume designer and maker so if theres any ideas you have - get in contact with me!

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